Why mom (heart) Reishi?

Apart from constantly reminding her son(me!!!) in the following:

1) Switching off the lights IMMEDIATELY(yes…immediately) after a bath, after completing business #2, or any other usage of sanitary facilities

2) Refraining from pulling up curtain blinds too high for fear it will be permanently damaged and forever be unusable.

3) Closing the fridge properly, and not creating a mess

4) Organizing my shoes properly, and not creating a mess

5) Organizing my room properly, and not creating a mess

6) Organizing my self properly, and not creating a mess

7)……………and not creating a mess



Lalala….Nag Nag Nag….

However, at recent, the one thing she has been positively harping on is on her intake of 健麗芝 (Ken Reishi). She never fails to exclaim how it has exponentially improved her overall well-being. Since taking it, she has felt her joint pains disappear (if I took it, will her nagging disappear I wonder), felt more energetic and high blood pressure kept at a constant and maintained at an appropriate healthful level.

Mom’s had a long list of run-in’s with health issues, to name a few: Arthritis, hypertension, slipped discs, some suspected form of leukemia which was supposed to only be found in children but she got it at age 58 years old….sheesh. Amidst all the usual prescribed cocktail of medications from the doctor, which she has previously refused some because it made her even sicker (hormonal drugs-really strong stuff). She was recently introduced to the Red Reishi and now swears by it.

Therefore, I’m planning to try it on myself and hopefully share the benefits of the intake of KenReishi from健麗芝, Japan with everyone . The skeptic in me at first dismissed all these hoo-ha stuff mom had to say but after some research and with mom’s own convincing testimonies (daily dosage of praise no less)… I plan to try it for myself and blog my experiences with it and along with my Mom’s current state of well-being in future posts.

Now…That’s provided she doesn’t ask me to clean my room first.

2 thoughts on “Why mom (heart) Reishi?

  1. Yo, okay, I’ve read all your posts. Total skeptic like you are, happy for you to be the lab rat for now. If you feel any significant changes in your well being by the 31st of Jan, we’ll discuss further when I’m there. Might also be a business opportunity for me too. Over and out.

    • Much thanks for the 1st comment on my blog! It may sound hard to believe but I can feel the effects, tell you more when we meet up in Feb over CHILLI CRAB of course.. Again, I’m not promoting a miracle but something that has benefitted my Mom in the long run…

      I miss Billy and the kids… 😦

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