What is Reishi?

Mom and not Korean soap star Dad

Ok you’re probably wondering what Reishi is? And why Mom (heart) Reishi?

Allow me to clarify…

1) Reishi is not the name of any Korean drama actor alive (any similarity to person(s) dead or alive is purely coincidental) Although I think mom does fancy one of two of them from her avid viewing of Korean dramas daily.

2) My mother is NOT in love with any person name Reishi. She’s happily married to Simon, my dad.

3) Mom (heart) Reishi is also saying Mom loves and swears by Reishi.

4) (heart) shows up as an heart shaped icon in emails, sms etc…just in case you’re wondering what’s up with the title.

5) Reishi is a type of Mushroom

More details on Reishi in upcoming posts. I got to have my dinner now before mom raises her high pitched ‘dinner bell’ aka known as her voice (but don’t tell her I said that).  😛


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