Lab rat subject: Mark Seow

Never takes a normal photo

Lab Rat: Mark Seow

Name of lab rat: Mark Seow

Age: 33 going on 34 soon

Occupation: Adult Educator

Lifestyle: Moderately sedentary, light eater, street soccer every Sunday, takes public transportation, smoker

Allergies: No known allergies to date

Medical history: No known major medical ailments. Last hospital stay in 1991 due to dengue fever(damn Aedes mosquitoes), highly susceptible to common colds, influenza. Sports and national injuries include loose right ankle (sprained badly 6+ times), left knee and occasional ‘locking’ and sharp pain in left and right shoulders, piles

Current health status(at point of writing): Onset of common cold, slight runny nose, sore back, slight discomfort in right ankle

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