Experiment-Day 1, Lab Rat: Mark Seow

Thanks to mom who sacrificed her existing supply of Ken Reishi to let me give it a try for a month. (Also for packing my breakfast everyday!) As identified in my earlier post stating control measures on my own little experiment on Ken Reishi on myself, I have proceeded with the commencement of Day 1 of being my own lab rat.

This is what it looks like…

Ken Reishi

They are individually packed, vacuum sealed and contains four Reishi tablets…

size does matter

This is the size as compared to a paper clip (the only thing i had around). Personally I hate popping pills of any sort but since this is natural product and small enough not to cause discomfort…I was fine with it.

Day 1 of experiment- here goes!

This is the shot prior to the Reishi disappearing into the abysmal levels of my gut. Hopefully absorbing and reaping the benefits of the stuff.

Stay tuned for the report on my observation on any tangible or ‘feel-able’ outcomes…

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