Digression…Couple banter

Over a phone conversation with my fiancee, I asked what she thought of my blog and my aims of making KENREISHI available to people here in Singapore. Being an adult educator, and additionally having worked in the hospitality and service industries for some 10 years before formally training right now, I have realised the importance of seeking feedback and how vital it is to continued improvement. So I asked her…

Me: “So honey, what did you think about the blog so far?”

Her: “Well…The posts are interesting and well written, and it makes me wanna come back and read more….but….”

Me: “ok…but you would like to see more research on this? Or a button that readers could press to link back somewhere….or a bigger font?….”

Her: “no no…not at all. It just not PRETTY. You should make it more pretty and improve the aesthetics. Maybe a nicer picture of you and mom or something….or change the colors a little, maybe like a more appealing colour….”

Me: ” Noted…but what do you think about the shopping cart i painfully did….was it user-friendly.

Her: “not pretty enough…”

Me *speechless*

2 thoughts on “Digression…Couple banter

  1. i think this website is pretty ok… like some of the design websites i’ve seen before.
    well if both felt its not good enuf… i guess u have to spend a week to do nothing but keep looking around for your “perfect” blog.

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