Introducing KENREISHI Part 1

In my communications with the KENREISHI CO.LTD.  that produces KENREISHI, I had asked them to describe their product, the benefits, nutritional facts, contents etc…etc. I had needed all these information to first educate myself and really be familiar with the product, in my ongoing efforts to distribute it to friends and family here. So in one of my many emails to them, it was apparent we had a little bit of a language barrier going on. Thankfully, despite all our ‘chicken and duck talking’, both parties have gotten to an outcome without any major hair-pulling….

I’ve attached the ACTUAL email below from one of my replies I got from them(I’ve blacked out the authors name for confidentiality reasons). And it’s not nice to laugh…because I’ve got a weird feeling that was something out of Google online  translator for the benefit of my comprehension…

Anyone know a good Japanese to English translator?

*Stay tuned for part 2 of this post…it will feature a ‘360 degree’ visualization of KENREISHI

Really really proud of their product, aren't they?


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