Lab Rat Report #1 – Self Experiment



I’ve been going about my normal lifestyle without any significant changes(and no much to my dismay of Mom, Dad, and my  fiancee, I haven’t quit smoking yet although I know I really should :P). So here’s a factual report of my observations for the 1st week after taking KENREISHIso far….

For the first 2 days after taking KENREISHI, I felt thirstier than usual (Although I don’t know for sure if this is the result of the KENREISHI or otherwise). I’ve had the same intake of plain water as per usual(I do tend to  drink plenty of water due to the nature of my occupation), but somehow I just felt thirstier than usual. I had no training classes for the week as well.

I also felt slight dizziness(light-headedness) after the first few hours, again, I do not know if this is the effect of the KENREISHI or otherwise. But apparently, Mom told me she had experienced this as well. But overall I was out and about and even meeting my fiancee for dinner at Ang Mo Kio afterwhich. No less than Aston’s Crispy fried Chicken. Yums.

Later on through the week however, I felt a lot more alert than usual, and somehow felt a lot more spring and zest in my overall sense of being. I was feeling an onset of a cold only to see it mysteriously completely disappear 2 days after I started eating the stuff. This is highly unusual because once I catch a cold, it normally escalates and lasts for a week  or two.

Even more surprisingly, my naggy soccer/National Service-worned right ankle felt a lot better, I have not experienced the usual ‘lossening joint’ or ‘on and off’ sudden pain’. At the moment it just feels a bit more ‘tightened’ somehow and I haven’t felt any pain since taking it. Will be monitoring this….Oh and one more thing, my piles has somehow ceased bleeding(I’ll spare you the graphic details). Enuff’ said?

Again I have to emphasize to all of you that what I’ve recorded is my own observations of my own state of well-being after taking KENREISHI. I’m not doing this to sway you into buying this product whatsoever. My objectives are to see if it benefits me.

You be the judge…

Hmm…and suddenly I feel like pizza.

Check back in again for my next self-report in a week.

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