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My ambition is not to be like him when I wake up in the morning.

I missed out on my usual kopitiam kopi ‘O’ and Mom-made sandwich this morning because I had an emergency…not anything dire or  fatal but it just an over ambitious self yesterday who ordered the ‘Level 4 Spiciness’ for my Ramen…so yup, that kind of ’emergency’. If only you saw me grimacing on the train from Sengkang all the way to Redhill, I was breaking out in cold sweat.

Potty business aside, I saw flipping through the news and chanced upon this today…have a read…

Coughs, cold, fever at epidemic level

Straits Times, Janurary 21, 2011 Friday

By Salma Khalik

UNUSUALLY large numbers of people are falling ill with sore throats, the common cold, fever and diarrhoea – numbers large enough to classify the infections as an epidemic.Last week, polyclinics saw more than 20,000 patients with such problems – an indication that the infections have passed the epidemic threshold and are now spreading rapidly in the community.

Polyclinics see roughly 20 per cent of primary care patients, so the Ministry of Health (MOH) uses its patient numbers to gauge the level of infectious illnesses in the country.

When the numbers at polyclinics top 17,032 cases a week in the case of acute respiratory infections (ARI), it is severe enough to be classified as an epidemic.

Last week, 18,377 patients turned up at polyclinics with ARI, a term used to cover a range of infections such as the common cold, influenza, bronchitis and pneumonia. This is almost 1,000 cases more a day than the norm.

In fact, the number of such patients at polyclinics jumped from 2,842 a day the previous week to 3,341 last week.

Scary stuff. Think I’ll start upping my intake on Reishi to boost the immunity… I’m not a big fan of waiting in a polyclinic and seeing a doctor.

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