What is Reishi? (Downloadable e-reference)

Mom about to do a 'spiderman' *aiyah!*

Mom, Dad is in a frenzied cleaning episode due to the Chinese New Year coming round the corner, then again, they were always that way with regard s to household sanitation….*cringe* Don’t get me wrong, I love living in a clean environment, but it’s just plain scary when sanitation acitvities start to become an obsessive complusive disorder? Anyway, you can try telling them  that…I’ll bet you my last dollar their frantic cleansing mindsets won’t barge even an inch.

Frankly something I don’t approve of  is at this moment where I’m writing this post, Mom’s doing a ‘spiderman’ thing right now and cleaning the windows on the outside. All 13 stories high no safety harness…I tried talking her out of it, but the advise is over-taken by blinded gung-ho and house pride. *sigh* There ought to legislation on ‘Household Health and Safety’ stating specifically that cleaning windows on the outside while balancing on a plastic chair precariously 13 stories high be banned. All offenders should be fined heavily. If this passed into law, I would definitely blow the whistle on Mom. I seriously doubt if taking KENREISHI will save you from the fall…(However I’m glad to see because it has made your joints pains disappear, you are more mobile than ever?)

So anyway, while all that cleansing commotion is going on around the house, I’ll leave you with a quick resource I found at idosi.org for your reading pleasure.

Click on the link : Resources taken from idosi.org, International Digital Organisation for Scientific Resources.

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