Digression…Couple banter #2

MRT...great for people watching, and involuntary eavesdropping...

While taking the train home from work yesterday, I missed my usual station in which I was supposed to get off…In case you’re wondering if this is a normal occurrence for me, it certainly is not. And in case you’re also wondering if I had taken a little too long of a snooze on the ride home, you haven’t struck the jackpot either.  You see…I got a little too absorbed in a couples’ conversation, and they were seated right next to me.

To clarify further, I do not intentionally eavesdrop into anyone’s conversation. The fact that they were speaking at the tone of voice where the whole carriage could hear them, deserves every minute of one’s attention. Involuntarily that is. To briefly describe their profiles, here goes (I’m just giving an actual observation here, I do not like stereotyping):

Guy – “Ang Moh Pai”(product of westernized influence and education) type corporate looking in early 30s’ *Standing*

Girl – “Ah Lian”(home bred product of true-blue Mandarin speaking parents and failed English in school sort), short frilly skirt type, garishly accessorized, light dyed hair, complete with the LV bag) in late 20s’ *Seated on seat beside me*

Here’s an excerpt of the conversation:

Girl: ” You know hor, I olaydee tell my 妈妈(mother) to cook on Chinese New Year liao leh, so got plentee of food know?

*playfully pulls Guys side pockets*

Girl: ” Plus hor, I buy your mummy, daddy bak kwa(grilled sweet pork) liao, I oso buy them 5 packet of kelopok(crackers)…heehee, they surrrrre to enjoy one!

*playfully pulls Guys side pockets again*

Girl: ” Wah! You know ah…I yesterday wait so long at Lim Chee Guan, then skaleee they boh stock liao!…那个推销员说,一切都被抢购一空 ( the salesman said that everything was sold out). Then haiyah!!! I soooo pek chek(frustrated) ok!!!

Guy: “er…ok. Did you check out another shop to buy it then?”

*playfully pulls Guys side pockets once again while swiping his tie*

Girl: “Not ok leh! Every year must have Lim Chee Guan one, aiyah so pek chek! Then no choice lor…I go to 美真香. Aiyah, actuuuleee tradition new year must eat Lim Chee Guan one better. But boh pian lor, I buy for your mummy, daddy and my mummy and daddy this year is 美真香. So paiseh(embarrassed). Wait they say I 没有心 (don’t have a heart)…You must remember ah! Wait must give my mummy,daddy good one, must be 好产品…”

Guy:”It’s really ok dear. Bak kwa is bak kwa….”

Girl interrupts while pulling his side pockets: ” NO LAAAH! Must be Lim Chee Guan onnnneeee!”

*Guy is looking around him and finally has his eyes facing the train ceiling”

Girl:”You donch know want la! Anyway hor, Chinese New Year we go to by 大阿姨,阿姨第二 house then…..etc etc. etc.etc etc. etc.(x 15 lines of etc.)

Guy:”ok.That’s fine.”

Girl:” Why ok ok onleee! You think what? Like that can or not?? Maybe we go your house, then go to etc.etc.etc.(x20 lines of etc.)

Guy pretty much kept quiet all the way to Punggol, while getting his side pockets pulled playfully and tie swiped around. At this point, I realised I missed my stop. Drat.

It’s a lot more hilarious listening to them then reading it here…trust me. I had trouble keeping my “poker-face” and not bursting into a ball of sheer laughter.

And thank goodness my fiancee doesn’t pull my side pockets in the train.

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