Benefits of Reishi(for Hypertension aka High Blood Pressure)

The weather’s been somewhat crazed…pouring on and off, and really literally realizing the saying: “When it rains, it pours..” The temperamental weather has especially not been too helpful since I was going to make a delivery of KENREISHI today. Drat. Since I’m here waiting for the rain to subside a little, I leaving you with a credible study done on the benefits of Reishi in subsiding High Blood Pressure…

Here’s an excerpt of a clincical study done :

“2.7. Blood Pressure Stabilizing Components

Reishi has been assumed to have both hypotensive and hypertensive properties (homeostasis). A peptidoglycan (molecular weight, 100,000) having a mild hypotensive effect on Wister rats and SHR rats (congenitally hypertensive) has been isolated from a hot water extract of Reishi. According to one report, the blood pressure of about half the patients with hypertension was reduced when a Reishi extract was administered. It has been reported that a hypertension-related angiotensin-I-converting enzyme was inhibited by ganoderic acids (B, D, F, H, R, S, and Y), ganoderal A, and ganoderol A and B.”

Read the full text here

Have a nice relaxed Sunday everyone!

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