Lab Rat Report #2 – Self Experiment

Santa's feeling a little left out.

In the continued observation of any noticeable signs after consuming KENREISHI after my previous post .  I’ve been going about my normal lifestyle without any significant changes apart from the exception of one big festivity right round the corner. It’s going to Chinese New Year in about 3 days for now. There will be major feasting, gluttony and all things good. Thank goodness it’s only once a year….

While I stuff my face with pineapple tarts yet again, here’s another factual report of my observations.

I’m still feeling like there’s  a lot more spring and zest in my overall sense of being. Despite the extremely wet and suddenly chilly weather of recent, all thanks to La Nina and the monsoon( the downpour has been so heavy that there were jokes going around about building an Ark ala Noah and bringing a pair of every known animal on earth!), so yea….despite that, I’ve not felt a bit of the cold bug setting in anytime soon. Again…I’m highly susceptible to colds and flu and it majorly sucks. I bravely standing right next to coughing and sneezing commuters on the MRT, without any fear as well(not that I have a choice really.)

Mom’s also recently noticed and told me I’m not sniffing furiously in the mornings anymore…due to my sinus. Sometime’s you’re so oblivious to it and think it’s normal until someone tells you…So yup…it is gone.

My joints have never felt better especially the injury riddled ankle of mine. It feels great, I don’t feel that naggy feeling whatsoever like it used to prior to taking Reishi.

Most of all, I’ve still haven’t had the bleeds from piles since taking it, which i’m extremely pleased about. And no, I did not change to a 10-ply extra soft toilet paper. Everything is the same before.

I’ve also recently introduced my fiancée, Caris, to KENREISHI, it’s been her 2nd day so far and I’m hoping to make her my lab rat as well(hehehe)….She reported that she had a sudden rush of heat to the face and throat area after consuming the first 1-2 sachet, and had to drink a lot of water because she was trying to keep herself cool and ‘boiling over’ . She was back to ‘normal’ in a few hours.

Seems everyone has some sort of initial reaction after taking it for the first time(just like me with the dizziness and feeling extremely thirsty)…Could it be a detoxification process?

Once again I have to emphasize to all of you that what I’ve recorded is my own observations of my own state of well-being after taking KENREISHI. I’m not doing this to sway you into buying this product whatsoever. My objectives are to see if it benefits me (and the people around me).

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