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For this past few days, I’ve overdosed on Yu Sheng 鱼生

and stretched my vocal cords with one too many over-zealous HUATTTTT AHHHHs!!! (For my overseas readers, contact me if you’re clueless what I’ve mentioned above) The good thing is that at least Yu Sheng is healthful, with all the myraid of veggies and raw fish(sometimes abalone), and I’m extremely thankful for all the good food and the good company of family and friends.

Noticed a lot of local health related news of recent, no surprises due to the erractic weather, over-feasting and the sharing of food(or germs). Despite this, I’ve not felt any signs of falling sick, and I believe it’s all thanks to KENREISHI Reishi.

Here’s more news (as of yesterday)…No wonder the MRT is a little empty.

Gastric flu cases up 65% over LNY weekend
By Evelyn Lam | Posted: 09 February 2011 2101 hrs

SINGAPORE : Gastric flu cases went up a whopping 65 per cent over the Lunar New Year weekend, according to SingHealth Polyclinics.

SingHealth told Channel NewsAsia that the number of gastric flu cases on weekdays at its polyclinics went up by 16 per cent on-average this Lunar New Year season.

However last Saturday, its polyclinics saw more than 80 cases, a 65 per cent increase compared to previous Saturdays.

Dr Tan Hui Yun, family physician, Outram Polyclinic, said: “Gastric flu can be caused by a viral infection, so sometimes a virus infection from a common cold can move from your respiratory tract into your intestinal tract so that can cause gastric flu symptoms.”

To prevent infection, Dr Tan advises the public not to share cutlery, and to be extra careful in the preparation and storage of fresh food.

– CNA/al

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