Digression…Valentines Day

Valentine’s day is right round the corner and it ought to be declared a public holiday. Why? I’m just thinking in line with the given falling birth rates and the government’s drive for Singaporeans to up their baby counts, why not give all of us a day off to “get into the mood” for it. Got it right…I just mentioned getting into the MOOD for it. With the existence of hectic schedules, piles of unfinished work, barking from bosses and management, eternal rat-race societal conditions…I could just go on and on. You know I know how it all is. By the time one gets home from the day’s work, there really isn’t much of a cohesive setting( or ample energy for that matter ) to engage in any sort of reproductive activity. Any surprise that Singapore is one of lowest in numbers where it comes to frequency of the bedroom kind(even Malaysia beats us…haha…see the survey here). So therefore, I strongly believe with all the lovey-dovey feelings of the day naturally manifests itself , leverage it by mandating a public day off for all( better yet…make it on Monday)

While I’m digressing on this topic…I’ve decided to post this little photo montage of me and the Supportive Future Spouse (SFS) in light of V-day(something I did some time back).

*In case you’re wondering…KENREISHI is NOT an aphrodisiac.

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