Bringing in Reishi to Australia

The same old stuff again??? Can I get like Fish & Chips for a change...

I’ve been indulging in some involuntary research on allowable stuff you can bring in to Australia. “Involuntary” due to a close friend of mine from down under had wanted to try a box of KENREISHI. She had been battling with a prolonged cough apparently due to inflammation of the pathway to the lungs as diagnosed by the doctors. Despite all the prescriptive drugs so far, none has produced a cure and hence the decision to try an alternative. Again dear readers, I’m stating very objectively that KENREISHI is NOT a miracle supplement or a “cure-it-all”, whether  or not it will benefit my friend’s condition remains to be seen. Being a concerned friend, I sincerely hope it does. (I’ve heard the coughing while holidaying and staying with them, it was pretty bad)

Thank goodness for the reminder the friend gave on how strict Aussie Rules and Customs can be when it comes to importation of anything biological, animal and plant related. It would have totally slipped my mind because in most other countries, they aren’t so “anal”(for lack of a better word) Thus, I wrote the good folks at the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service, requesting some advice on this. Within a day, they wrote back with a buffet of resources and helpful and detailed advice (one would wish a reply would arrive that quick from our local agencies…). Along with it, I chanced upon a great site called the “AQIS ICON“. As described by their website:

ICON is  the AQIS’s import conditions database. It is a simple and convenient way to access information about Australian import conditions for more than 20,000 plant, animal, microbial, mineral and human commodities. It can be used to determine if a commodity intended for import to Australia needs a quarantine permit and/or treatment or if there are any other quarantine prerequisites.

If I could describe it one sentence…It is a bloody awesome resource. Now you can be certain when traveling down under, and you’re unsure whether you’re bak kwa (bbq-ed sweet pork), or other funky Asian goodies (in their eyes). You can just do a search on the AQIS ICON website. (But of course, I don’t think you’ll generate any results if you just typed in “bak-kwa”…try pork instead)

So in case you’re wondering….can you bring a box of KENREISHI into Australia…the answer is YES, subject to the conditions listed here and here

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