My new website!

Check out my new website!

I’m pretty proud of my achievements in this little business I’ve spearheaded so far, together with the enthusiastic efforts of mom and dad so far. Who ever thought it would bring us this far, so far? Nevertheless, It’s been about 2 months plus since the birth and inception of Mom (heart)=(♥) Reishi. Our vision and intentions for this initiative are still to:


1) To share the benefits of KENREISHI to the public
2) To provide a transition avenue of “work” in Mom and Dad’s retirement to keep both of them on their toes and still generate income at their own time and target
3) To provide a platform for myself to partake in the practice of research linking to my upcoming Masters program
4) To never stop learning something new (All the web design work and other back-end stuff has been painfully self-taught)

I had decided a few weeks back that it was time for an aesthetic change and a new look to our website, and I’m really proud to introduce to it to all of you here. ( in case you enjoy reading my blog so far, I’ve integrated it into the new website and will still continue posting via this blog…Check it out)


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