Reassurance from the source.

Here’s an email I had received from KENREISHI headquarters. It’s business as usual…and they just had their Japan Health Food Administration(JHFA) Certification renewed.

株式会社健麗芝 松本 美生

to シンガポール seow

show details 7:56 pm (1 day ago) 

Dear Mr. Mark Seow
We got the new certification of JHFA attached to this e-mail.
In foringn countries people are worrying about the contamination of radioactivity
caused by the accident of the first nuclear plant in Fukushima.
It seemes that it is difficult to sell the made-in-japan product in Sigapore.
Reishi is harvested once a year in Summer.
We are useing  reishi which is harvested in Nagano in summer 2010 for KENREISHI now.
Our favtory for extraction of reishi is located in Mie where is in west Japan.
If you have any futher imformation,please do not hesitate to contact us.


Thank you so much.
Sincerely yours,
Mio Matsumoto
1-18-5 Hon-cho,
Tokyo Japan

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