Alive and kicking….

Pretty darn excited. That summarises the overall feeling at this current point in time. Making new connections into potential ventures, stretching my personal epistemology in my deep thinking and reflection skills via the killer Masters programme and ultimately, elated at the near possibility of securing a cozy, warm and unpretentious wedding venue. Yup. In short, it’s been some time since the last update, but I promise the absense had been no short of productive.

In this short update via the cellphone, I admit the underlying intentions of letting everyone know that my REISHI business is still here and kicking, I’m still here and kicking, and I hope all of you are kicking butt in live’s endeavours as well. I wish all good health in this present and circulating season of the common cold, and while everyone around is sneezing, coughing and feeling a tad under the weather, I’m still bloody kicking.

I owe it to REISHI, and I advocate it, up to you to be convinced. 

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