A detox report from a customer who recently started taking Reishi

Both mom and I try to keep track of our customers reactions to KENREISHI reishi during the initial stages of taking the supplements. It’s one of our ‘unwritten’ standard operating procedures (SOPs) that we have to make sure everyone is aware that such reactions to the body is normal. Furthermore, It’s been scientifically documented by medical experts that during the first few times of taking a reishi extract in any form, most people would notice some symptoms of the body re-adjusting itself. Well folks, that the process of detoxification, and the reishi is assisting the body in aligning your immune systems back to what it should be (if not better). Not to worry, it only lasts a few hours, or a day or 2 at max from what I gather so far. So here’s some:

Mom – slight dizziness. energy boosted.

Me – slight lightheaded-ness, really really thirsty, energy levels boosted (somehow I felt more energized)

The wife – felt heat to her face, constipation, dehydrated

Most recent customer – Darker colour pee, bloatedness, more gas (ahem…aka farts), thirst, energy boosted despite lack of sleep

Others – stomach cramps, sleepiness… or NOTHING.

So everybody experiences varying initial reactions once taking KENREISHI. But don’t fret, it’s your body telling you to do something about it. To hydrate more, to get proper sleep, to eat proper. And again, it usually disappears as soon as it comes. I’m convinced that it’s the beta-glucen, polysaccharides and the other immune- regulating good stuff in reishi at work.

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