My mom and I started this little home-based business distributing KENREISHI reishi supplements…more commonly known as Lingzhi. The only reason why we’re doing this(by chance really) is that the stuff works so far (from aunties, to mom+dad, to me) and we wanted to share the benefits and knowledge to all of you. Mom’s had a long history of ailments from Adults Stills Disease, Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, Slipped Discs and has not gotten better with western conventional medication, in fact it made her even more ill…Since taking KENREISHI, it’s been a world of difference on her health and overall well-being… I’ve been gathering research on it since I’ve been taking it myself and been posting onto my blog. It’s a premium product and we directly import it from source in Japan, and it’s nowhere to found in Singapore. Do enjoy your visit here on our website, and we do hope you benefit from KENREISHI just as we did!

Check out our homepage HERE

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