A detox report from a customer who recently started taking Reishi

Both mom and I try to keep track of our customers reactions to KENREISHI reishi during the initial stages of taking the supplements. It’s one of our ‘unwritten’ standard operating procedures (SOPs) that we have to make sure everyone is … Continue reading

Lab Rat Report #4 – Self Experiment

It’s been approximately 6 months since my last post on my “self-experimentation” with KENREISHI. Throughout the time, I haven’t been ill, or felt any symptoms of illness (e.g. common cold) while everyone in the office, trains amongst other public places seem to be wildly spreading germs. I’ve also continued to live my normal lifestyle without any changes, and I’m pretty glad to think it’s daily intake of KENREISHI doing its work.

"the ability to grow peanuts on your face" - not the best X-MEN power

Mom’s been asking why I’ve haven’t updated the blog for awhile and the truth of the matter is, well…a few reasons: 1) I’ve got side-tracked with too much writing for my Masters programme and got a little lapse in inspiration, 2) waiting for the tsunami aftermath to reside, 3) focusing on other business/career opportunities. So mom, let me reassure you that I’ve not gotten lazy. And all the folks out there reading this, my whole family is taking it daily and we have not evolved into mutated X-MEN (in case, you’re worried about the radiation still).

Although if I were an X-MEN, I would really love to have teleportation powers so I can reduce my shipping costs, which ultimately means savings on KENREISHI for me and you!

Lab Rat Report #3 – Self Experiment

"Yup...we're weird with a tad of retardation."

It’s been approximately 1 month and 8 days since my last post on my “self-experimentation” with KENREISHI. I’m with the realization that it has somewhat ceased to be a experiment and has progressively become a part of my daily life by now. However, before I proceed to report or bore you with updates on my personal well-being and such, I just wanted to share my reflections on what I’ve been busy with.

Stuff I’ve been busy with:

  • Work. (Duh)
  • Exploring potential referrals for other job opportunities. (It falls onto your lap at the strangest times)
  • Masters in Training & Development program(from Griffith University) with the Institute of Adult Learning.(Honestly, never thought I’ll get that far in the arena of higher learning and academia. It somewhat fell in place, and I’m strangely enjoying every moment of it if sans the assignments and thesis. (heh) I’m giving this top priority at the moment.)
  • Created the momlovesreishi website which incorporates this blog. I think it looks heck a lot more pro and aesthetically pleasing right now. My future supportive spouse agrees of course.
  • Flooding the web with Search Engine Optimization strategies I’ve learned along the way. (I would be more than delighted to share with you if you’re interested…it is hard work.)
  • Revamped the collateral and marketing material for KENREISHI.
  • Designed business cards for Mom, Dad and me.
  • Created another website/blog for my upcoming union of matrimony with my future supportive spouse. The masses love it! I love it! It’s just for laughs and to record my memoirs by the way…
  • I’ve been profusely engaged in writing with my blogs, work and other stuff to get me into the “zone” and hone my skills in argumentative writing.

So anyway, enough about me….but wait. It’s still about me…Here’s a quick report on my state of health and if there are any noticeable effects of KENREISHI:

I lost my voice after a bout of training in the prisons amongst others, which progressively led to a annoying cough stemming from a throat infection. I upped the intake of KENREISHI to hopefully boost the immunity levels. I noticed the initial build-up of phlegm in the first 2 days ceased, and there were significant signs that showed the throat infection stopped escalating into a full blown ailment.

The next most noticeable thing was that my right ankle, back and left knee(old sports injuries- I sprained my ankle too many times to count) was not suffering any pains or aches(as it usually does) after a strenuous round of soccer. The aftermath of going to work the next day was not as painful, with most of the soreness coming from unused muscles and the “Monday feeling” more than anything else.

Apart from this little “cough” of recent, everything is as per normal as the last time I reported . I feel great and energized, despite all the stuff which has been keeping busy. Now, I just got to keep myself psychologically healthful, in sacrificing my Saturdays and Sundays for research and fulfilling my Masters thesis. Eeeek.