Reishi mushrooms! Kim Kardashian’s secret to younger looking skin

THE humble mushroom can boost immunity, manage stress, lower cholesterol, and even has anti-ageing benefits – which is why celebrities including Kim Kardashian are turning to this ‘new superfood’…read it here: Magic mushrooms! Kim Kardashian’s secret to younger looking skin

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Kim Kardashian

New endeavours – An ice cream blog

ice cream buffs










Am still very much here despite a long absence from blogging about reishi! What’s been keeping me busy is well…work(ok…that’s a lame excuse), and yes, this one other hobby that I have at the moment which is making friggin’ great ice cream.

We recently got our hands on a new nifty kitchen toy, the Whytner Ice Cream Maker, and it’s been churning out great homemade ice cream every week since.

Read all about it here, Best ice cream maker with compression review

Oh, and here’s a sample of what’s keeping me smiling, Kahlua peanut butter ice cream recipe

ice cream buff


Medical Report

Glad to be in the pink of health despite my not so healthful habits…(still can’t stand collection the stool sample part though)

While I can’t really scientifically attribute to the daily intake of kenreishi, I’ve got a feeling it’s got something to do with it.


Chinese New Year Lingzhi Dragon


Spotted on the newspaper. Innovations throughout the Chinese lunar New Year over the years…now Lingzhi Dragon ornaments made of real Lingzhi costing 3888. That’s heck a lot to pay for linzhi you can’t eat? Lol.

Hmm…maybe next year, I’ll get a snake one for myself to commerate my chinese zodiac. We’re now giving away special ang pows for every purchase of KENREISHI Reishi for the Chinese New Year period. Check out our website at 

Reishi mushroom extract and immune support by Dr Jame Meschino

While researching my own thesis for my Masters program, I decided to tap on the University electronic library  resources. A single type of the word ‘ Reishi’ churned out so many articles and research documents I gave up reading after … Continue reading

Alive and kicking….

Pretty darn excited. That summarises the overall feeling at this current point in time. Making new connections into potential ventures, stretching my personal epistemology in my deep thinking and reflection skills via the killer Masters programme and ultimately, elated at the near possibility of securing a cozy, warm and unpretentious wedding venue. Yup. In short, it’s been some time since the last update, but I promise the absense had been no short of productive.

In this short update via the cellphone, I admit the underlying intentions of letting everyone know that my REISHI business is still here and kicking, I’m still here and kicking, and I hope all of you are kicking butt in live’s endeavours as well. I wish all good health in this present and circulating season of the common cold, and while everyone around is sneezing, coughing and feeling a tad under the weather, I’m still bloody kicking.

I owe it to REISHI, and I advocate it, up to you to be convinced. 

Lab Rat Report #4 – Self Experiment

It’s been approximately 6 months since my last post on my “self-experimentation” with KENREISHI. Throughout the time, I haven’t been ill, or felt any symptoms of illness (e.g. common cold) while everyone in the office, trains amongst other public places seem to be wildly spreading germs. I’ve also continued to live my normal lifestyle without any changes, and I’m pretty glad to think it’s daily intake of KENREISHI doing its work.

"the ability to grow peanuts on your face" - not the best X-MEN power

Mom’s been asking why I’ve haven’t updated the blog for awhile and the truth of the matter is, well…a few reasons: 1) I’ve got side-tracked with too much writing for my Masters programme and got a little lapse in inspiration, 2) waiting for the tsunami aftermath to reside, 3) focusing on other business/career opportunities. So mom, let me reassure you that I’ve not gotten lazy. And all the folks out there reading this, my whole family is taking it daily and we have not evolved into mutated X-MEN (in case, you’re worried about the radiation still).

Although if I were an X-MEN, I would really love to have teleportation powers so I can reduce my shipping costs, which ultimately means savings on KENREISHI for me and you!