Health News-Horkut Chooi Foong Hor Lok Tan???? Who the???

There’s been some flurry in health related news of recent…increase in tongue cancer in women in Singapore(had no idea it even exists…yikes…read it HERE), doctors not being able to practice both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western medicine together (the real reasons are rather sketchy though HERE), Dr. Susan Lim, the specialist surgeon and her alleged overcharging of the Brunei Royal Family ( as if that’s anything new to over inflate prices and overcharge the filthy rich???) And finally this….

The bottom-line is, only buy products you put into your body that you’ve had researched on, ask good questions to make an educated decision, and purchase from trusted sources….( Personally, I would have been put off by the names by itself…Horkut Chooi Foong Hor Lok Tan???? What the who?

Feb 24, 2011

HSA warns public to avoid 3 health products

By Vanessa Jalleh

(From left) Majun Dua Istimewa, Raja Maajun-Jerat Dan Seret Angin and Horkut Chooi Foong Hor Lok Tan. — PHOTOS: HSA


MASKED as traditional medicines, three health products have been found by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) to contain potentially harmful ingredients.

The three products, Majun Dua Istimewa, Raja Maajun-Jerat Dan Seret Angin and Horkut Chooi Foong Hor Lok Tan, contain various undeclared potent western medicines.

The three health products are:

1) Majun Dua Istimewa:

Malay traditional medicine packaged in small white plastic containers containing bean-shaped tablets. The product label claims that it can be used to treat general weakness, numbness of the leg and pain. Western Medicines Detected: Dexamethasone

2)Raja Maajun-Jerat Dan Seret Angin:

Malay traditional medicine packaged in clear plastic containers containing black pills. The product label claims that it can treat pains, body weakness, tension, cramps and rheumatism. Western Medicines detected: Dexamethasone, Chlorpheniramine

3) Horkut Chooi Foong Hor Lok Tan:

Chinese traditional medicine packaged in brown glass bottle containing black pills. The label claims to treat general weakness, sprain, backache, and pain. Western Medicines detected: Indomethacin, Paracetamol, Dexamethasone and Dextromethorphan

The HSA is asking the public to refrain from consuming these products as ‘they can cause serious side effects’.

The three products were sent for analytical tests at HSA’s Pharmaceutical Laboratory after receiving reports about side effects.

Health products containing undeclared western medicines are considered illegal, as they are often made under poor manufacturing conditions with no proper quality controls or professional oversight, and can be deemed dangerous and harmful to one’s health.


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